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ISIS wants to buy a nuclear weapon from Pakistan


An article by John Cantlie, a prisoner of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), reports that ISIS has the opportunity to buy a nuclear weapon from Pakistan. Not just that ISIS has the opportunity to do so, but it has enough money for this kind of purchase.

As mentioned in the article, if the buying of a nuclear weapon is not possible for any reason, ISIS is willing to buy huge amounts of ammonium nitrate explosive instead. Even in this case, the group would use their contacts in Pakistan.

It is not sure if Cantlie really is the author of this article, but despite that, the aspirations of this group are what scares Western intelligence agencies. In addition to that, now they actually have the resources to achieve their goal.

As analysts explain, after destroying numerous and priceless examples of cultural heritage, ISIS started selling seized valuable items on the black-market. This kind of sales provided this group with enormous amount of money. In addition to that, people who live within the caliphate have an obligation to pay very high fines and taxes.

The British photojournalist, who supposedly wrote this article, was abducted by this organization two years ago. ISIS is trying to present the life within the caliphate better that the life that Muslims in the West enjoy, and they use videos for that purpose. From time to time, Cantlie could be seen in some of those videos. After the release of the most recent video about the city of Aleppo, ISIS didn’t provide any information about Cantlie. At this moment it is unknown whether he is alive.

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