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ISIS militants used poison gas on a Kurdish village


Based on medical testimonies and analyses, UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed that ISIS militants used poison gas on a Kurdish village.

The village in question is the village of Rajm al-Tfihi. It has been stated that 12 Kurdish fighters experienced vomiting, suffocation and eye-burns after this attack.

This was concluded on the basis of doctors’ testimonies and laboratory analysis. As they were given immediate medical attention, there were no fatalities.

It seems that this was the first documented case of the attack against Kurds using chemical weapons.

The Observatory has requested an international probe to be sent by the UN Security Council in order to identify the use of gases by IS.

On a previous occasion in August 2013 in Ghouta, a shell with deadly nerve gas was responsible for the death of more than 1,400 people. The blame for this was passed from Assad to rebel fighters. Another chemical attack happened in March 2013 in Khan al-Assal.

The US used these attacks as an excuse to gather support for their new mission in the Middle East. However, the alleged reason that Hussein had deadly mass destruction weapons in his possession, which was used as pretext had failed.

Moscow forced Damascus to get rid of all chemical weapons. Unfortunately, there are still reports of alleged minor chemical attacks. International experts have yet to verify these incidents.



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