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38 Innocent Tourists killed by ISIS gunman


A photo of a 23 year-old gunman who killed 38 at a Tunisian resort was released by ISIS. After he killed 38 innocent tourists on the beach, he knelt down and prayed.

The gunman Seifeddine Rezgui was seen on the beach by a tourist who captured him on a 55-second video. In this video you can see Seifeddine Rezgui dressed in black, carrying grenades and running along the beach.

After this unfortunate event took place, the number of murdered Britons was estimated to be at least 30. However, the Foreign Office officially stated that the number of killed Britons is 15.

The video which captured the killer was shot from a balcony and released after a Tunisian police officer stated that he killed the assassin with two bullets. The policeman said that he located the assassin while he was praying in a side street and fired two lethal bullets.

The gunman Rezgui stopped in front of a house of Mayel Moncef. As the gunman was attacked from every side, he dropped down and started to pray. Mayel Moncef threw a stack of terracotta roof tiles on the head of the gunman which caused him to slip. After he tried to walk away, the policeman shot him.




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  • Danial

    I think he was kneeling to be protected from the bullets and to avoid the tiles which were being thrown at him. Why the hell would he pray after murdering 30 people?

  • PlaceyAUS

    Yes Friday prayers were already concluded, he was not praying. This is when nearly all attacks take place after Friday prayers.

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