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Plundered radioactive material could be turned into a bomb by ISIS


High ranking official has reported that members of the Islamic State have sufficient amount of material for a nuclear bomb. The radioactive material has probably been obtained in the recent years from government controlled captured areas. NATO displays concerns that plundered radioactive material could be turned into a bomb.

This material was supposed to be used in health and science research and now ISIS has another purpose for it.

Australian foreign minister, Julie Bishop said that this extremist organization had already employed highly technically trained professionals and that they were using chlorine as a weapon. She also said that the ISIS is ready to fight for their demented cause using all means available and thinkable, including chemical weapon.

A former commander of the British army’s chemical weapons supports her claims by saying that ISIS operations impose a serious and real threat. He is also worried that ISIS fighters have chemical weapons in their possession, which were previously controlled by Assad’s troops.

Another expert, Afzal Ashraf explained that the ISIS plans to most likely obtain the nuclear weapon from Pakistan.

As ISIS has previously conducted its major actions in sync with Islamic holidays, it is thought that terroristic actions could take place on June 18, the first day of Ramadan.


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