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Iranian Troops will engage in ground attacks In Syria


President Bashar al-Assad will be supported by hundreds of Iranian troops in the fight against ISIS terrorist group.

Russian air strikes will be accompanied by numerous ground troops. Ground troops will consist of members of the Syrian army and its allies.

According to sources, future operations will be aimed at Idlib and Hama area. Iranian forces will be followed by a number of Hezbollah troops.

Upcoming operations are aimed at taking back areas in northwestern Syria that were lost to Western backed rebels.

Sources have confirmed the arrival of hundreds of soldiers and officers armed to participate in a battle. It is believed that this number will only increase over time.

The arrival of Iranian troops in Syria will probably irritate Israel. Israeli Likud Minister Yuval already stated that they won’t accept Iranian forces anywhere near their border.

However, the idea of Iranian forces coming to Syria is not new. Ever since August the troops were getting ready in case something unpredicted happens and they were preparing for a possible ISIS invasion.

Ashton Carter said that Russia informed the US about their air strikes only one hour in advance. This act is viewed as highly unprofessional.

So far, Russia has hit eight Islamic State targets without damaging the civilian infrastructure.


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