Friday , March 24 2017
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Iran will change its advisory position in Syria into direct offensive


Russia’s military activities went quickly from simple rumors to all-out fight against ISIS associated forces.

This latest military development serves to completely eradicate ISIS as a threat to the world and to strengthen Russia’s position in the Middle East and their position as the global power.

The situation in Syria keeps changing every day. Iranian forces served as Russia’s ground forces and they kept a low profile. Iranian forces are going to engage in a direct fight now.

In line with this, thousands of Iranian troops are located in Syria in order to engage in fights against rebel-held territory in Aleppo. Syria wants to reclaim the lost territory with the help of Iranian troops, Syrian soldiers and fighters from the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.

According to some sources, the fight is already going on.

But the major developments will take place when both Russia and Iran combine their forces and engage in the fight to reclaim the city of Aleppo.

Russia seems to be wiping out small fractions first, fractions that are closest to Assad’s territory. The purpose of this strategy is to give space to Assad to strengthen his position. After all minor threats are out of the way, the joint forces of Russia, Syria and Iran will attack the heart of ISIS territory.


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