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INEXPLICABLE: Bizarre UFO captured on camera that no one can explain


Ufologists are analyzing an unusual UFO video which could be one of many proofs that these encounters are real.

The person who filmed the UFO, who prefers to remain anonymous, initially thought what he had recorded was a bird, but soon after, he realized that the object had no wings, and was unlike anything else in the sky at that time, not even birds which are seen in the video. (Case number: 75187)

According to a report from MUFON, the person said he recorded the UFO at 5:30 pm on a cloudy, but brightly lit day in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

“My first reaction was I thought I saw a bird, however, something was not right as the object has no wings and was flying quite high in the sky.”

“I realised that I was not witnessing a bird or balloon (it was too big), but an unidentified object.”

He said: “I had a clear view of the object, it is very large – the size of the nose or cockpit section of a passenger plane.

“The object was flying very fast, the speed of a passenger plane.

“The object is square-like but as it flies and turns, I can see that the top part of the object is rectangular with straight lines running across from the centre to the edge.

“It did not emit any sound at all as it flew by.”

Prior to sending the footage to MUFON, the person who filmed the UFO showed the enigmatic footage to several people, all of who were left perplexed by the object and loss for an explication.

“I have shown the video to a few of my close friends but none of them can explain what flew by my house that day,“ said the witness.

The number of reported UFO sightings in 2016 remains high as people all around the planet are snapping images and videos of the inexplicable phenomenon in the sky.



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