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Events in September 2015 could change the whole world


The September of 2015 is going to be the month of change for the US in many ways. Many things are about to happen.

The first thing to worry about is the stock market and typical decline, which usually takes place in September. In September, S&P 500 fell more frequently than it rose.

Based on projections of Hussman, market losses could extend to more than 50%. Market losses could be accelerated by the fact that people have been borrowing lots and lots of money to buy stocks. However, when the market keeps going down, it leads to selling on a massive scale.

It seems that Bank of America is already issuing margin calls to its clients, forcing them to either sell their securities or invest more money.

Banks like U.S. Trust, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo also issued margin calls. Everyone is losing due to the market crash.

Apart from financial situation, other events are expected in September.

The last day of the Shemitah year – This event will take place on September 13. In the past, record-breaking stock market crashes happened on the day of the Shemitah year.

The 70th session of the UN General Assembly – This event will take place on September 15. Based on some sources, a resolution to recognize Palestine as a state will be introduced by France.

The 2030 Agenda – will be presented by the United Nations as a new universal humanity agenda. This event is scheduled for September 25 through  September 27.

The blood moon – This supermoon will be visible on Biblical festival dates during 2015.  This supermoon will be the largest, closest to us, at 2am. After 2am,  it will start falling into darkness slowly, until it reaches the total eclipse by 3.11am. The Moon will be in the Earth’s shadow until 4.23am. This event will take place on September 28.


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