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Being struck by a lightning can happen to you and it can even happen twice


Some people have a fear of being struck by a lightning. This fear may be irrational to some people. But, these things happen. A guy from Illinois has been struck by a lightning twice in his life. He survived it twice.

The first time it happened, he experienced feelings which are similar to being tickled. At that time he was working at a cemetery.

But his second time was far worse.

When it happened the second time, Rob, who is 58 years old, was struck by a lightning which first hit a nearby tree and then the current traveled to his boots.

His wife found him on all fours, struggling to get up. He was completely disoriented and had a headache. After, he also suffered from chest pain and sensation of burning in his feet. The doctors told him to buy a lottery ticket because he was that lucky to survive.

It has been reported that the chances of being struck by a lightning in a lifetime are 1 in 3,000.

In addition to this, 10% of people who are struck by a lightning die and 70% suffer from longstanding consequences.

He was even given a suitable nickname – lightning Rod.


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