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Hungary deploys army to deal with unwanted migrants


Based on the latest reports, immigrants who manage to get to the collection point in Roszke in Hungary, are put on trains and buses and transported directly to the Austrian border. There is no registration or any kind of checking before they are transported to Austria.

Unfortunately, this option is only available to those migrants who passed across Hungarian border.

Hungary has installed a four meter, razor wire fence in order to prevent refugees from crossing their border. In case their application for asylum is not accepted, they will have to return to Serbia. The official explanation for this border reinforcement is that migrants can enter EU in line with official and legal ways.

Hungarian police has the legal right to arrest anyone who tries to breach the razor wire fence. A large number of the police units have been sent to the border.

Hungary decided to enforce such measures since the flow of refugees through Hungary to Germany is viewed as intimidating.

It seems that Hungary no longer wants to provide help to migrants. Prime Minister Viktor Orban even said that their country has a 1,000-year-old Christian culture and he doesn’t want another culture to change it.

Because Hungary declared a state of emergency, military units will be sent to the border with Serbia in order to prevent migrants from entering the country.

Even though such military action must be approved by the parliament, a number of heavily armed military personnel with vehicles and dogs was already observed on the border.

In case migrants have to return to Serbia, they can only stay there temporarily. Officials from Serbia have also warned that anyone who returns from Hungary won’t be accepted.

According to UNHCR, refugees have to be accepted by the “safe third country”, which means that everyone has an equal chance of being granted asylum and would receive the necessary protections and support.

Serbian minister in charge of policy on migrants Aleksandar Vulin stated that migrants who are on Hungarian territory are the responsibility of that country and Hungary must act accordingly.

Germany’s Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere stated that if countries continue to disobey quotas of migrants, Germany might have to intervene. Hungary is one of those disobeying countries.

The current situation with migrants in Europe could escalate into a very dangerous situation. There are already elements of racism, nationalism and religious intolerance.

The solution is not to send migrants away, but to discover the way to deal with migrants who enter the country.


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