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HELLADS laser ready for testing


DARPA’s plan for this summer is to test the High-Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System.

The purpose of the HELLADS laser is to destroy all incoming mortars, aircraft, missiles or anything else in the sky. This is why the testing will take place in the sky.

As DARPA program manager Rich Bagnell stated, after overcoming some technical difficulties, the exceptionally powerful and high quality product is ready for testing. It will be tested in the conditions simulating situations where warfighters face the roughest tactical threats.

After the testing, hopefully successful, the agency will continue its work on this program. The goal is to create a similar laser with the possibility of attaching it to military aircrafts.

These future 150 kilowatt (kW) lasers will be small and light enough, so that the aircraft can carry them and use them against threats coming from the ground.

Generally speaking, lasers are powerful weapons. When combined with aircrafts, they are even more powerful. High speeds are the reason why these weapons are very precise, and their precision is what motivates experts to keep improving them. There is still a lot of space for new ideas and solutions.

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