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Has a UFO been monitoring Yellowstone in preparation for MASSIVE eruption?


The Yellowstone volcano is considered to be a ticking bomb that can erupt at any moment. Additional fears were raised ever since UFO hunters revealed that a UFO has a been monitoring Yellowstone.

UFO hunters claim that they located alien space crafts hovering over the Yellowstone volcano, claiming they are monitoring it before its imminent massive eruption.

A YouTube video uploaded by KatMartin2016 – who actually believes there is a more natural reason for the video – shows a white glowing object moving across the screen in the film, which is recording an elk refuge near to the volcano.

While the uploader opted for a down-to-earth explanation, saying that it is “probably a passing vehicle that caused the reflection”, UFO enthusiasts have been running away with the idea. wrote in a blog post: “Glowing UFOs have been caught on many wildlife animal cameras, so this is nothing new.

“The shadows on the side of this object make me think it’s a three-dimensional object and not a reflection.

Yellowstone volcano has become a global cause for concern, as it is massively overdue an eruption.

A massive volcano last erupted 70,000 years ago but a recent unexpected spike in seismic activity around the globe, which has resulted in devastating earthquakes in Asia and Ecuador in the last week, has unsettled nerves.


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