Wednesday , March 29 2017
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Has a nuclear war begun in Yemen?


Is it possible that the video below confirms a nuclear attack by Israel against Yemen?

An amateur video camera was enough to record a scary moment of neutron bomb explosion, a fireball followed by flashes. A video like this can most certainly upset everyone, including Mossad and ADL. Many of those who have already seen this video are convinced that Israel is responsible for this explosion, because, as they say, Israel is the only nation that openly deploys neutron bombs.

In the video people are commenting, probably on what they were witnessing at that moment, but without translation we cannot know for sure what they were talking about.

It is difficult to give any additional comment on this video. Also, there is no way to guarantee that this attack came from Israel, even two Israeli F16s, that were shot down and forensically identified, disappeared.

The question is why everyone is silent about this event, including Russia and China. Alex Jones also didn’t say anything regarding this topic. Is it possible that someone has control over topics that he reports?

And what about Julian Assange? How come that nobody condemned this event even after it was reported in the Arab media and other media as well?

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