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University of Alaska will control HAARP


HAARP will be transferred to civilian control of University of Alaska. The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program will no longer be a military operation.

University of Alaska will have access to the site under the terms of an agreement between the University and the Air Force. This agreement will last for two years.

The purpose of HAARP was to examine the ionosphere. Numerous radio transmitters and antennas generate radio waves to heat up portions of the ionosphere. Heating of ionosphere accelerates electrons, which further creates conditions for experiments to be conducted by military scientists.

Many people believe that this facility was constructed so the Pentagon can research everything from weather and natural phenomenon manipulation weapons to more esoteric studies, such as electronic and psychotronic mind control.

HAARP was completed in 2007, thus it came as a surprise that the Air Force wanted to close the site and dismantle it after millions of dollars were invested into this facility.

Based on the recent turn of events, HAARP will continue to work. The facility will be first transferred from the Defense Department to the state of Alaska, and then over to the University of Alaska.

After this, HAARP will function as any other scientific facility.

Alaska will invest about $2 million and other funding is expected from the National Science Foundation and the Pentagon.


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