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Germany is reluctant to accept one million refugees


Germany is now at a crossroad. Welcoming a million refugees can lead the country to either a war or a complete anarchy.

During a phone call between Bavarian official Peter Dreier and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the two parties involved discussed the number of refugees that the town of Landshut is willing to accommodate. As the town will accept only 1800 refugees, the rest of them will be sent to Berlin.

Hansjoerg Mueller of the Alternative for Germany party stated his opinion on this matter. He said that statements similar to the one made by Dreier are an obvious sign that Germany is on the verge of anarchy. This actually means that people in charge are deciding on their own without taking into account whether such actions are justified or not.

Mueller thinks that such actions could have an impact on Merkel’s policy. However, he is uncertain about it.

He believes that other regions like Saxony and Thuringia might follow the example of Bavaria. The reason behind this is that all three regions are located near borders.

He somewhat tried to justify the attitude of Landshut to accept only 1800 refugees. Because this town has a population of 50000 people, another 1800 inhabitants are a serious burden. In general, Bavaria can accept more refugees, but towns similar to Landshut don’t have the capacity to do so.


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