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Germany is no longer so fond of numerous Muslim refugees – VIDEO


The current situation with Muslim refugees in Germany was analyzed by a German political scientist, Jürgen W. Falter.

He stated that Germany will soon be overwhelmed by the numerous refugees because Angela Merkel made it clear that anyone is welcome there. Numerous refugees will impact the change in demographics, which consequently leads to the change in the current state of politics.

This means that Muslims would never vote for a political party which has a word Christian in its name. They would probably choose the left-wing parties or the traditional Islamic party. The number of Muslims living in Germany will rise to eight million.

Many politicians publicly stated that they are against the surge of migrants because they cannot be integrated into Germany’s cultural traditions. On the other hand, Germany does not support authoritarian, anti-democratic and religiously fanatical points of view.

The number of extreme Islamists is on the rise. Law enforcement is currently looking into ten members of alleged terrorist organizations. Apparently, members of ISIS were talking to refugees in the asylum center in Oslo.


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