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George Soros initiated the attack on Putin to undermine him before the elections


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A campaign has been launched to undermine the status of Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev. It is believed that someone else is behind such campaign, and that person could be George Soros.

Russia is about to hold the Duma elections and a huge media campaing is orchestrated against President Putin’s party.

Dmitry Medvedev is currently holding the position of Prime Minister. However, this seems to be a problem to some and they are doing everything they can to discredit him.

Part of this smear campaign against Medvedev is a petition posted on the American portal According to this petition, more than 100,000 people that signed it in one day are against Medvedev as a Prime Minister of Russia. Total of 200,000 signatures was addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Even though it seems like this campaign is only directed at Medvedev who is the leader of United Russia, it also affects the image of the United Russia party.

The target of this smear campaign was chosen carefully as Prime Minister Medvedev is not really liked by the Russian society. Even other members of his cabinet are not among the most popular in Russia.

A survey was conducted by a leading social agency in Russia. The agency known as Levada Center published a survey on sympathies towards political and state figures. The survey included 48 country’s regions. According to the results of this survey, Russian President Vladimir Putin is the most popular among 82% of respondents, while 17% of respondents evaluated his activities negatively.

When it comes to the public opinion on The Prime Minister’s activities, 55% of respondents accept his work. On the other hand, 44% respondents do not agree with him.

When it comes to public figures society trusts the most, the sociologists revealed that people favor Vladimir Putin the most with 53%, while only 16% of respondents named the head of state, Medvedev.

This rating was probably damaged even further by the recent scandal in Dagestan, when he had a meeting with teachers in the Republic of Dagestan.

When it comes to the public opinion of the United Russia party, the Levada Center revealed that 54% of Russians have a positive attitude, 24% are neutral and 17% have a negative attitude.

It is believed that the high percentage of positive attitude is only because of support for President Putin who is the party’s founder and because his success in foreign policy, military construction and other cannot be denied.

The campaign to discredit United Russia or as some would call it the “party of power”, is aimed at Dmitry Medvedev. This survy also assessed the public opinion of his government and only 16% supported the prime minister while 44% of respondents negatively assessed the government’s course.

There is reason to believe that the results of Duma elections won’t be recognized by the Western countries. However, this can be observed only after the of September 18th’s elections. Until then, we can only observe the entire campaign aimed to completely discredit the “party of power” and see how it further develops.

Moreoverever, it is already evident that the US and its clients in the European Union are using some kind of a strategy to affect the State Duma election results.

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