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French police began mass arrests of protesters in what is considered as the biggest revolution in the last 200 years


Protests in France already turned into a violent clash of protesters with the police. According to reports, these protests are referred to as  the biggest revolution in France for 200 years.

At least 40 people have been injured and 73 arrested in Paris as thousands rally against labour reforms.

Among these 40 injured people are 29 officers. These violent clashes are organized because people are against France’s highly unpopular proposed labor law.

Sparking months of street protests and widespread opposition, the bill, which was pushed through last month, retains France’s cherished 35-hour working week but allows companies to organise alternative working times.

The CGT labor union’s leader said they would continue to fight against labor reform legislation, saying “the struggle is far from over.”

Those include a working week of up to 48 hours and 12-hour days for temporary periods. In “exceptional circumstances”, employees could work up to 60 hours a week.

The protesters demand that President Francois Hollande’s government withdraw labor reform legislation which they say will undermine labor protection standards. The legislation is expected to loosen regulations regarding the hiring and firing of employees.

Strikes on Tuesday also closed the Eiffel Tower and disrupted transport links as tens of thousands of fans continue to pour into the country for the Euro 2016 football event.

Protesters hurled stones at riot police, who responded by firing tear gas and using a water cannon to disperse the rally.

Police “made 13 arrests for violence and degradation committed by masked individuals,” the Paris Police Prefecture said in a tweet.

Protesters shouting “Paris, rise up” and “everyone hates the police” smashed shop windows and targeted banks in running battles with officers.

Security forces deployed six water cannons to calm the demonstrators, at least 58 of whom were detained.

Police and organisers gave wildly different figures for the turnout, with unions saying 1.3 million people had turned out across France but police estimating the crowds at 125,000 or more, some 80,000 of them in Paris.

The protesters have torched a police car at the Republic Square in the heart of Paris, with thick black smoke coming from the fire.

Similar demonstrations were held across the whole France. Nearly 20,000 gathered in the city of Toulouse, according to the demonstration’s organizers. In Nantes protesters gathered in the streets despite a recently-imposed ban on rallies.


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