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France Prepares For Mass Unrest, Radicalized Immigrants Taking Over Cities


France is preparing for a scenario in which immigrant populations will obtain weapons and become a threat to French society.

Some intelligence sources have disclosed that the authorities believe that immigrant children living in the suburbs could become radicalized. It is believed that Kalashnikov automatic rifles and anti-tank missiles were secretly brought into the country by organized networks of Islamist militants.

Such weapons could be utilized against authority officials or even to bring down airliners.

An attempted massacre by a radicalized jihadist was recently stopped thanks to three Americans on a high speed train from Amsterdam to Paris.

A radical Islamist killed 16 people during the attack on Charlie Hebdo and France is still recovering from it.

Disappointing facts were discovered in a survey on the view of ISIS. Based on this survey, it was concluded that 15% of all French citizens had a positive view of ISIS, while among people aged 18-24, 27% showed support for the terrorist group.

Such attitude might not be so surprising because 5 million Muslims live in France.

The head of the Center of French Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Yury Rubinsky, describes such support as an accumulated rejection of the existing system in the country. He considers it a form of protest.


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