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French authorities can spy on their citizens and it is supported by the legal framework

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France has introduced a new bill, which allows French authorities to spy on their citizens. The UN considers this bill invasive.

They also added that France’s surveillance powers are too extensive and intrusive. France is now legally permitted to monitor its citizens and intrude their privacy by surveillance, phone-tapping and computer-hacking.

This is even compared with the Big Brother reality program and it is perceived as an assault on democracy.

In order to strengthen the legality of this bill, the French president brought this legislation to the constitutional council.

Based on this bill, intelligence agencies have the permission to spy people over their emails, phones and to hack computers, install secret cameras and record devices in private homes without permission from a judge. This bill was introduced as a response to the terrorist attacks which happened in January.

Even though many opposed it, the bill was officially passed in June.

A special commission will be consulted instead of a judge.

The UN is concerned that this legislation is too broad and that it is based on poorly defined objectives. According to Privacy International, hacking conducted by state authorities has to be regulated in order to prevent the abuse of power.

Others consider this act of France as evil and shameful.


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