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‘Fracking DOES cause earthquakes’: Gas firms ‘created world’s worst tremor zone’

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Fracking is even more dangerous than people think. The fracking industry is responsible for many earthquakes in the USA.

Before the fracking industry moved in residents were putting up with two mild magnitude three tremors a year.

But since the Oklahoma fracking boom of 2009, that figure has risen to TWO earthquakes a DAY – and rising.

As the fracking industry activity increases, residents say so do the earthquakes in both strength and frequency.

Latest figures say there have been around 2,100 earthquakes of magnitude 1.5 or greater just in 2015, making it an average of five a day this year.

Fracking involves blasting huge amounts of water mixed with sand and chemicals deep underground to break apart shale deposits and extract gas and oil from the rock’s pores. This autumn the RSPB warned at least nine of its SSSI bird reserves across the country were at risk from the energy industries scramble to release energy from deep underground across the UK.

So news of a scientific link between fracking and increased seismic activity should boost campaigners against planned Fracking sites across the UK who argue it is unsafe, and do not want to see large areas of land in the north of the country developed for the controversial process.

There is widespread belief that the huge amounts of wastewater that has been pumped underground has caused the earthquake swarm, including a 5.6magnitude tremor in November 2011, which damaged several homes and US Route 62.

A joint study by the University of Oklahoma, Columbia University and the U.S. Geological Survey has linked the practice to the 2011 quake – and now affected homeowners are looking to sue.


Steve Spess, a manager of Spess Oil, said in a statement his company “injects water at low pressure” doesn’t believe it is “causing the earthquakes”.

The case could set a precedent for further lawsuits if it records for the first time ever that the industry may be causing earthquakes, as campaigners against it have often alleged.

Others are already lining up to bring more claims after watching the outcome, including the Oklahoma chapter of the Sierra Club.

Barbara Vanhanken, chairwoman of the Oklahoma chapter, said: “I am angry and offended that the oil and gas industry has been so slow to protect Oklahoma and its citizens in the face of this earthquake crisis.

“Stopping this ever-strengthening earthquake crisis is critical to the health and well-being of all Oklahomans.

There are also many geologists who have dismissed claims that the pressure caused by fracking is significant enough to trigger an earthquake, even in a region already prone to them.

In May it emerged there was evidence that chemical used in fracking had made their way into local drinking water supplies in Bradford County in Pennsylvania, USA.



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