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North Korea is coming to an end


A former member of the U.S. National Security Council, State Department, and Senate Foreign Relations Committee stated that that North Korea is coming to an end. It is said that North Korea will suffer from its own recklessness.

In the late 1990s, Jamie Meltz worked as a staff member of the U.S. National Security Council. During that time, there were signs of possible collapse of the North Korean government. Almost twenty years later, the North Korea could be facing its end due to the consequences of its recklessness.

North Korea’s government has survived because it imposes absolute terror on its population, owns nuclear power and economic resources.

The UN Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights has reported on organized, general and obscene damages which consist of torture, murder, rape, and mass gulags. Commission is certain that crimes against humanity were executed on over 120,000 people. Without the terror, the regime would certainly breakdown.

Pyongyang fast-tracked its own nuclear program after the first Gulf War. So far North Korea has had three nuclear tests, fired a ballistic missile from a submarine and continued on with nuclear miniaturization and weaponization.

China is vital patron and it provides Pyongyang with 90 percent of its energy imports. If the collapse happens, China is worried about the U.S. troops on its border. That is why they have been moderately pressuring North Korea to slow its nuclear program and maintain the DPRK aid.

But another scenario might take place. China won’t accept the North Korea’s need to push nuclear weapon development. Thus, China will conclude that North Korea’s nuclear program is designed with a purpose to limit Beijing’s influence over Pyongyang. As an answer to this, China will be forced to increase economic pressure on North Korea by reducing aid, making China-DPRK relations decline even more.

Being aware of such scenario, Pyongyang is already searching for other financial alternatives. But the only viable option is to go through an economic reform.

Already, minor economic measures have been set permitting managers to set salaries and farmers to retain more of their harvest. But, economic reform calls for a political reform. Foundations of a reformed economy seek greater access to information and freer movement of people and goods. The choices have to be made between economic reform and totalitarian control. Without making the right choices, the DPRK government will collapse due to the pressure of its own inconsistencies.

Fortunately, this collapse could benefit almost everyone. Suffering will be put to an end, South Korean law will reunite North and South Korea, the threat of a nuclear nation will cease to exist, and China will obtain a respected trading partner in the unified Korea. China’s fear of encircling American troops can be relieved since they could be kept below the 38th parallel.

People of Korea would really be relieved without this giant threat to human rights and lives.


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