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Former Archbishop says air strikes are the only way to destroy ISIS

Lord Carey

The former Archbishop of Canterbury stated his opinion on situation in Syria. According to him, the only way to stop ISIS is to use air strikes against them.

When it comes to saving refugees, Christian Syrians have to be given help because they are the victims of an act that is considered the ethnic cleansing.

Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron, suggested a vote on military intervention because he also believes that military intervention is the only solution.

In order to achieve genuine consensus on this matter, he will wait after Labour’s leadership elections.

According to George Osborne, if the Syrian crisis is not properly dealt with, the situation will only get worse. In order to achieve peace in Syria, proper actions must be taken.

It was reported that the French President is about to prolong preparing to extend air strikes against ISIL targets from Iraq to Syria.

In addition to this, Vladimir Putin finally confirmed that Russia provides military training and support to Assad’s regime. Putin did not dismiss the possibility of direct military intervention in the future.

However, Jeremy Corbyn might oppose to air strikes in Syria and block them. He is expected to win the Labour leadership contest.


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