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FBI create database listing people who create anti-government memes


Creators of humorous memes which make fun of the government will be located by the FBI.

News has been making rounds across the internet that the FBI in collusion with the National Science Foundation has sunk nearly one million dollars into a project at the University of Indiana developed with a stated goal as follows:

“The project is aimed at modeling the diffusion of information online and empirically discriminating among models of mechanisms driving the spread of memes. We explore why some ideas cause viral explosions while others are quickly forgotten. Our analysis goes beyond the traditional approach of applied epidemic diffusion processes and focuses on cascade size distributions and popularity time series in order to model the agents and processes driving the online diffusion of information, including: users and their topical interests, competition for user attention, and the chronological age of information. Completion of our project will result in a better understanding of information flow and could assist in elucidating the complex mechanisms that underlie a variety of human dynamics and organizations. The analysis will involve studying meme diffusion in large-scale social media by collecting and analyzing massive streams of public micro-blogging data.

The project stands to benefit both the research community and the public significantly. Our data will be made available via APIs and include information on meme propagation networks, statistical data, and relevant user and content features. The open-source platform we develop will be made publicly available and will be extensible to ever more research areas as a greater preponderance of human activities are replicated online. Additionally, we will create a web service open to the public for monitoring trends, bursts, and suspicious memes. This service could mitigate the diffusion of false and misleading ideas, detect hate speech and subversive propaganda, and assist in the preservation of open debate.

They will use a system called Truthy, which will comprise of a group that will track and differentiate memes made by online users with particular focus on those who are “political activists”. Their goal is to eliminate false or misleading political information from social media.

Other research carried out by the project includes analyses of meme propagation in specific countries as well as attempting to understand the viral nature of online posts that publicly condemn the government on issues such as the migrant crisis, and figuring out why ‘subversive’ groups such as the Occupy Wall Street movement are so popular.



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  • cylon

    mitigate the diffusion of false and misleading ideas,
    detect hate speech and subversive propaganda, and assist in the
    preservation of open debate.

    As an Eastern European, this sounds uncomfortably familiar. So many words you can define in all kinds of ways to always push the right agenda and make sure those who disagree are forced into dissent and properly labeled so anyone can see how wrong and dangerous they are.

  • Removes Kebabs

    A bunch of jargon to say that they will be forcing a new type of propaganda on people and possibly turn hostile against independent content creators. If they wan’t to persecute dissidents we all know what road that leads to so it is a self correcting problem.

    The more the government thinks it can constrict people like a snake the more vulnerable it will become to having it’s spine severed with a defensive bite.

  • Grizzly59

    1984 is alive and well in the USA and we have our own branch of the thought police working diligently to make sure that only their favorite form of propaganda is allowed to be viewed by the public. Just because people protest peacefully doesn’t mean that they are subversive. The occupy wall street movement was an offshoot of the protests in Madison Wisconsin after the toady servant of the Koch brothers took office and started selling our state off to the highest bidders..

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