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Russian attack can’t be stopped

Russia's President Vladimir Putin gestures as he chairs a government meeting at the Novo-Ogaryovo state residence outside Moscow

Experts warn the world that NATO and EU could be on the verge of downfall if the Russia shows aggression which has been encouraged by the fact that EU has decided not to follow its principles.

The delicate situation in Ukraine has a major impact on the overall future of Europe.

Russian support to rebels in Ukraine had an influence on the West to intensify their military forces.

Furthermore, there is certain evidence that Russia is ready to use nuclear weapons if the circumstances required it. The EU and NATO‘s goal is to protect the post-Cold war environment, thus any indication of war is intolerable.

Authors of the report stated that Vladimir Putin was emboldened by the lack of response from the West on some of its previous actions in Georgia in 2008.

The Russia remarks that Europe should represent determination to preserve its principles.

It is also said that the West’s laissez-faire policy toward Russia led to the military crisis in Ukraine. It is evident that the Russia would be prepared to use nuclear weapons in case of a larger military crisis in Europe. Therefore, the Nato must stand their ground and show that any chance of war is unimaginable. Also, UK, EU and G7 are all collaborating together in response to the Russian involvement in Ukraine.

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