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Europe will be conquered by Islam, Cardinal Boutros al-Rahi revealed – VIDEO


Cardinal Boutros al-Rahi revealed his opinion on rising numbers of Muslims in Europe. He gave an interview for the Italian Catholic weekly magazine.

He stated that their religion and procreation will eventually take over Europe.

Muslims consider Christians weak because they did not take their religion as seriously as Muslims took Islam. On the other hand, Christians do not have as many children as Muslims have.

Muslims have always been open about their intentions to conquer Europe. Their strategy is based on their religion and their birthrate.

Muslims are more religious than Christians. While Muslims know the Koran by heart, Christians do not know their Bible. Every action of a Muslim is rooted in the teaching of the Koran, while Christians choose how to live their lives. And that is the main difference between the two religions.

While Muslims are getting married in order to have a lot of children, Christians often decide not to get married and therefore have fewer children.

Muslims believe that everything coming from the West is Christian. Based on this, every person who is not a believer in Islam is considered a Christian and is a member of Western imperialism.

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