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Egypt claims: Our economy will collapse because of the West’s conspiracy in the destruction of the Russian aircraft


Egypt could be affected by negative headlines in the media, which reveal that the bomb caused the crash of the Russian plane in Sinai.

These allegations are mostly aired in Britain and the United States. Such negative publicity could seriously affect the economy in Egypt.

The president of Egypt Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi is depicted in the media as a strong leader of Egypt. Hebatalla Taha, who is an Egypt-focused analyst, revealed that it is quite usual in Egypt to blame someone else for the actual problem. In this case, it is expected to hear that the West is trying to undermine Egypt instead of trying to solve the ongoing crisis.

The power of media is very dangerous because it affects the opinion of citizens. It is quite usual for the media in Egypt to blame foreigners for the situation in their country. The rebellion, which took place in 2011, was blamed on foreigners.

Taha adds that the crash of Russian plane in Sinai is going to have negative consequences on Egypt’s tourism industry.

Even though Egyptian authorities are doing everything they can to determine the reason of the crash, many tourism flights have been canceled by Russia and Britain.


One of the reasons why these countries cancelled their flights to Egypt is because the airport security is not at a high level.

Any speculations and unsupported conclusions on the Oct. 31 crash must stop until the official investigation is over.

Ever since people protested against Morsi and the power of his Muslim Brotherhood, authorities in Egypt had to deal with many bombings and killings of police and soldiers in Cairo.

Egypt considers all accusation on their part as unjust and hateful.

Some people believe that Egypt was even disrespected by British Prime Minister David Cameron, who said that the bomb is the most likely the cause of the crash. He made this statement at a press conference dedicated to the el-Sissi first official trip to London.

It was even revealed in the media that Britain was delighted when IS tried to claim the responsibility for the crash.

Media in Egypt also revealed that the British and Americans aimed to give strength to the Brotherhood by humiliating Egypt in the eyes of the world.


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