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Troika is going to set up a referendum


Economist Martin Armstrong stated that apparently the Troika is going to set up a referendum concerning the Greek crisis.

He even added that Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis once said that the EU had pressured Greece to close banks in order to blackmail Greece and get a positive answer to the bailout from the EU and the IMF.

If Greece dismissed Euro, France might follow the same path. Furthermore, Greece will become close to Russia and Britain might leave the EU.

Thus, in order to get what they want, the referendum might be set up. They never solved crisis in Greece because they are only looking at their interests. Every step will be undertaken in order to ensure that people of Greece choose Brussels.

Troika did not look with approval on the possibility that Greece could regain its democracy and decide for their own future.

It was even reported that the US tour operators were given orders by IMF to withhold money owed to Greek hotels. However, IMF denied this.

People of Greece are concerned that a civil war could break out because of the crisis. According to Billionaire Wilbur Ross, any form of social unrest could be negative for the tourism rates.

Two scenarios are possible. If Greece votes in favor of referendum, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will resign and bailout talks will carry on with a newly formed government. In case Greece votes against the referendum, the country will probably abandon Euro and return to its previous currency.


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