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E-mails prove Hillary armed Syrian rebels against Assad

Hillary Assange

Julian Assange claimed that when Hilary Clinton served as Secretary of State, she supported the US arming Syrian rebels in order to take out Assad.

A year before the Benghazi attacks, she knew about the US sending weapons to Syria over Libya in 2011, and that he has evidence.

Hilary Clinton denied knowing anything, under oath, about any type of weapon shipments after the Benghazi events.

However, we have clear proof from Julian Assange who on Tuesday told Democracy Now that his website WikiLeaks actually has some information about these events.

He claims that from all the emails that are connected to Hilary Clinton, 1700 concern Libya. Assange also commented, again, on the failure that is the intervention in Libya, as well as certain events that led to ISIS becoming a serious menace in that country, such as the destruction of the Gaddafi regime, arms dealing, strengthening of the jihadists and much more, all of which can be found in the emails.

Assange also stated that unfortunately, that is how the US Department of state works, on clandestine intrigues and underhanded deals. The evidence is clear and abundant and can be found using WikiLeaks.


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