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Drones will be able to hack into computers in future


Drones have multiple purposes. It seems that the new purpose will be added to the existing list of drone purposes and that will be hacking into personal computers.

Based on reports, company Boeing and Hacking Team are interested in developing such technology. Based on leaked emails from Hacking Team, they intend to install malware on drones to perform such actions.

One email revealed that Boeing was interested in finding a resistant network injector which could travel by drone.

The possibilities of such technology have been depicted by analysts. Such drones could be used in a territory where some highly wanted al-Qaeda operative is hiding so it will be used for surveillance purposes or it could hack into the computer network of that wanted person.

Drones equipped with previously mentioned hardware will be able to perform cyber warfare and espionage, but they do not have to be near the target. That is why such technology is attractive to the military.

However, Boeing and Hacking Team stated that they are not involved in any kind of business relationship and did not provide any comments on their communication with Hacking Team. Boeing also added that abilities of such technology have to be researched in order to offer them to clients.

If this type of technology became available to the military, they would use it to get information from a data link, or use malware in a drone to corrupt a system. Michael Blades, a senior aerospace and defense industry analyst added that this would allow the military to collect intelligence or information scraped from electronic signals or networks.

This technology is rather simple and a high school student could make it. However, such technology will have the ability to shut off a WiFi network, which will disable the enemy to communicate or fly their own drones.


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