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Did The Simpsons predict Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance?

Lady Gaga was the one to perform during the Super Bowl halftime. It seems that the performance was already mentioned in one episode of the Simpsons.

The Simpsons seem to have an uncanny knack of predicting future events.

They made several predictions in the past including the 9/11 attacks, an Ebola outbreak, and a Syrian war…they even predicted a Donald Trump Presidency back in 2000.

Well it looks like they’ve done it again….

In May 2012 the Simpsons appear to have predicted that Lady Gaga would perform at the Super Bowl’s halftime show and even showed the singer floating from the stadium roof in a harness.

During the episode called “Lisa Goes Gaga”, she also plays the piano and wears knee-high boots, just like the ones she wore on Sunday night.


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