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Did Hillary Clinton cover up a murder?

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A 23-year-old case has been reopened, as what was once thought of as a suicide now seems like murder. Vince Foster had allegedly been found with one bullet wound, but new evidence actually shows two, to the neck. Hilary Clinton now has the spotlight.

During the Clinton Administration, in 1983, a suspicious suicide case occurred. Vince Foster, who was a personal friend of the Clintons, was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in his car. Not one, but two detectives reached the conclusion that this was indeed a suicide. Recent evidence begs to differ.

Miguel Rodriguez, the lead prosecutor in the case, submitted his resignation letter shortly after the case was done. The files found in the National Archives and Records Administration also showed that Rodriguez wrote a 31 page memo noting that the injuries Foster sustained were not at all reminiscent of a suicide.

Rodriguez feared that showing the evidence and photos, the latter of which the FBI dismissed as too underexposed, made him a target as well. Foster was in danger because of his ties to certain White House scandals like Whitewater and the White House Travel Office.

There are even reports of him having a romantic relationship with Hilary Clinton. This closeness certainly gave him a great amount of information regarding the scandals that occurred at the White House. Hillary dodged and avoided answering questions of whether she had an affair with Foster, answering one reporter’s question with “He was a very special man”.

It is reported by both friends and family that she genuinely mourned his passing.

What is interesting is that while she claimed, under oath, that the last time she spoke to him was on the phone some time “before Father’s Day”, the documents that serve as new evidence state that Fosters assistant Tom Castleton claimed he saw Hillary Clinton enter Fosters office a number of times while he worked for him. The thing is that Tom Castleton started working for Vince Foster only after Father’s day of that year.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard stated that Hilary asked Foster to help her spy on Bill Clinton. He hired Jerry Parks, an investigator from Arkansas. Two months after Vince Foster’s body was found Jerry Parks was murdered, at a stoplight in his car. His house has then been thoroughly ransacked by the IRS, FBI, CIA, and secret service.

The final result is that we have two men who have been murdered, one murder being covered up and the other happened shortly after the first. Both people had access to Clinton’s secrets and both murders were either covered up or followed by suspicious government activity. Draw your own conclusions.

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