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Dentist performed unnecessary procedures on children



Going to the dentist has never been easy. As a matter of fact, it is a nightmare for the majority of us, and we do it only when we really, really have to.

So, when your child is afraid of going to the dentist, it is absolutely understandable.

However, it is one thing to be scared a little, but it is something completely different when your child has the reason to be terrified to visit the dentist. It looks like Dr. Howard Schneider has given his numerous patients that very reason.

Dr. Schneider denied any guilt, but the parents have been protesting for the last three weeks claiming the opposite.

The first one to speak about the problem was Brandi Motley, a mother of a 6-year-old girl, who had to undergo a surgery last December, in order to pull one of her teeth. Motley was not allowed to be next to her daughter during the procedure, but after three hours of waiting, she found out that not everything went according to plan.

The mother was shocked to find out that her daughter has lost not only one, but seven of her teeth.

After the girl explained that the doctor even choked her, Motley reported the case to the police. However, the police did nothing about it, claiming that the report on this incident has never been filed. The mother then decided to change her approach to this problem, and posted her experience on internet.

Soon after that, other parents responded, testifying about unsolicited procedures Dr. Schneider performed on their children.

Amanda Barry, deaf mother of a five-year-old boy who is blind in one eye, is suing Schneider, after he had pulled four of the boy’s front teeth without any reason. The boy screamed when the doctor started choking him, but the mother didn’t react at the time – she is deaf.

Attorneys John Phillips and Gust Sarris, representatives of Motley and Barry families, explain that the possible reason for the irresponsible and unacceptable behavior of this doctor is the fact that Medicaid, the health insurance company where most of his patients have their policies, pays him per tooth.  So, the more teeth he pulls, the more money he gets.

As it turns out, Medicaid has already paid him out 4 million dollars for the medical “services” he provided within the last five years.

This is why now there is a criminal Medicaid fraud investigation going on, but that is going to take a while.

These malpractice cases have been happening for some time, and they are numerous. Some of them have been settled out of court, and some of them remained unclear.

Sarris points out that there are even cases where many procedures had been performed on a patient, but none of them was the one that the patient actually needed. The Berry family is not his only client regarding this dentist affair, he represents many other families who are accusing this doctor of abusing their children.

A couple of years ago, there was a case of a mother who was next to her daughter when Dr. Schneider started slapping the girl and causing some scratches on her skin. Despite the fact that mother witnessed the incident, the doctor and nurses later denied everything.

He never took responsibility for his actions, and was unavailable when CNN invited him for an interview.

Maybe the worst thing at this moment is the fact that this doctor is still allowed to work with patients. The only thing that all those angry parents want is justice to be served and that this man never again gets the chance to hurt another child.

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