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Cops terrorize family after they speak out about vaccine reaction


Family experienced serious health problems after taking the dTpa vaccine. After sharing their story to the public, they were bullied by the police.

Two days after the birth of their 8-weeks-premature baby in September 2012, Ben Hammond and his wife Tanya had to have the dTpa vaccine (diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough), otherwise the hospital would refuse them access to their baby. Both parents had the shots and Ben became ill soon afterwards, and was found on the floor paralysed 12 days after the shot.

Tanya Hammond has been very public about the need for a No Fault Vaccination Compensation Scheme, doing TV, radio and newspaper interviews since this happened. Tanya and Ben believe if they had to have the vaccine then there should be a compensation plan for injuries like Ben’s.

Last November Tanya was dragged out of her car by a mob of locals and assaulted for supposedly scaremongering about vaccines, shortly after she was interviewed on local TV. Tanya had her jaw, windpipe and bone in her neck broken. One woman was charged and she got off with a fine and a good behaviour bond.

Another incident happened and police were responsible for it. Tanya Hammond revealed the following:

At 6 am this morning our family were still in bed when we got woken up by cops breaking down our front door! They removed us from our room (where we were sleeping with our 3-year-old) and they tried to force Ben to the floor. I was screaming that he couldn’t because he is disabled, but they wouldn’t listen. I had to watch him trying to get down, but since he couldn’t they slammed him roughly to the ground and pinned him to the floor with a gun to his head.

I was pinned to the ground with a gun against my head also but I kept trying to ask about my baby and trying to see where he was. Each time I tried they kept slamming my head against the floor yelling GET DOWN! GET DOWN! My baby was so upset but I couldn’t help him, I felt so powerless.

My 11 yr old woke up to my screaming and crying just before he had his room raided by 10 police. They destroyed our 2 front doors, terrified and traumatised my family and when I asked what’s going on they said to wait till the camera gets here before they will tell us. Why would they need a camera crew when we had done nothing wrong? How long had they been planning this?

A good 10 mins later (still pinned to the floor with guns pointed at us) the camera arrived. They told us they had a warrant to search our home for making and selling CRYSTAL METH!! I couldn’t believe my ears, they thought we were drug dealers?!?

They found Ben’s catheters and they categorised them as “sharps” they also took Ben’s medicinal cannabis plant that he uses for managing his pain and his smoking device he uses to administer it and they are charging Ben for that. HE NEEDS THAT to manage the constant pain he is in, nothing else works as pain meds cause him to urinate blood.

Needless to say but they found NO evidence of any Meth or Meth making equipment so they put our family through hell and traumatised all of us for absolutely NOTHING!

*Note – they asked the police if they had got the wrong house and a policeman yelled “NO YOU ARE BEN HAMMOND”.



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  • lululangford

    Interestingly, there is more interest in the Hammond’s situation overseas than there is in Australia. A sick indictment of what is going on here – far more frequently than authorities want to admit. Not while it is easier to pretend everything is rosy.

  • Ron Roy

    If anyone would ever point a gun to my head I would take that gun and stick it up his or her ass ( I don’t discriminate ) and blow their brains out the hard way!

  • Mandy

    Far out! And this fact doesn’t raise any red flag to you? Nothing?

    Those who tell us all the ‘wake up’ and stop believing the lies from up above, to not believe the medical and scientific community want us to believe this story WITHOUT QUESTION. If you can’t see the holes the size of continents in this story then I’m not going to point them out.

    Just. Wow.

  • ssj12

    You know you would probably die before you grabbed the gun due to the amount of killers around, right?

  • Ron Roy

    The trick is to feign cooperation and move fast. They might get me but not before I get at least one. I’d rather live one day as a Lion than a hundred years as a Sheep!

  • lululangford

    Nice thought but we are talking about a former quadriplegic who has very limited movement of his limbs – he could not get down on the floor easily so was shoved by the gun-totin’ clowns posing as a swat team. Meanwhile the baby was on the bed – the mum was shoved to the ground by more than one person and could not raise her face to check on him; every time she tried the gun smacked her face down. I think grabbing the gun was the last thing on her mind.

  • lululangford

    Then you would die taking down that one person, leaving your partner and children alone. Please don’t insult the family by assuming they are sheep. They are taking on the system – legal, medical and government – this attack was the result of doing just that and no one but we little people are standing up for them. They are anything but sheep. Tanya is flat out just keeping her husband alive while raising the kids. One thing speaking in hindsight – be there and you’d tell a totally different story.

  • Mandy

    Lulu…can you please tell me what compels you to believe this story? Where is your critical thought and reason? We are taught to apply these skills to read information in year seven. This is how I would apply it in this case…

    1. Open my mind wide and leave my biases and preconceived ideas at the door.
    2. immediately think “Wow! What is happening to this poor family is truly remarkable. Almost unbelievable!”
    3. So unbelievable, I might just see if I can verify some of the ‘facts’ here…
    4. Oh look…it’s not even on the Hammond’s Go Fund Me blog, let alone any of the news sites who have some semblance of fact checking before they publish…now that’s a bit strange. Tanya clearly wants the world to know about this awful brutality from the police but for some reason she hasn’t mentioned anything on her blog..
    5. Hmmm, also strange that Channel Nine, who ran the initial story, isn’t onto it either…

    Well you get the drift…

    I’m not even sure what the anti vaxxers behind this concoction want gullible people to believe here either. That the mainstream media are not touching the story because they don’t want the ‘truth’ to get out? Well that kinda falls down when they include the part with the camera (and waiting journalist mentioned in another account I read on another anti vax blog).

    Oh look, it is just all so ludicrous. A friend posted this on my facebook page and this is how I have ended up here. There is obviously minimal traffic and this whole thing will blow over so I don’t even know why I am bothering. People who seem to have a major glitch with their reason/logic function will swallow it up whole and the rest of us will just shake our head in wonder. And the world will turn…

    I will say this though…The Hammonds have been through enough, it seems. To the person who wrote that piece of fiction above? You should be ashamed of yourself hijacking their tragic story for your conspiracy drama.

  • Ron Roy

    Many men in the founding of this country died, in fighting the oppression of the British, I see no difference in dying fighting OUR oppressive government. How many of our present day military go to foreign countries and die, for what they consider a just cause, and leave their families behind? If you chose to value life over liberty that’s your call it isn’t mine.

  • lululangford

    Mandy – who are you again? What links do you have to any of this that it bothers you so much that you are compelled to attack a family suffering at the hands of the very industry you seem to worship? As a health professional, former pharmaceutical researcher and friend of the family, I find it a refreshing change to have something to chuckle about from a complete stranger who feels its her right to question the truth. If your loved one was maimed in a car accident, snake bite, drinking chlorine bleach or murdered by a coward punch, by your reasoning you would cut them adrift as they must be making it up. Nothing of course to do with the trauma or poison. Thanks for the laugh – well, it would be laughable if it wasn’t so repugnant of you, a complete stranger, to take the low ground to attack someone online rather than doing what you feign to have learned in primary school. If I were you, I would wait – another clever process you should have been taught – and see when the medical and legal forms are published explaining the true cause of Ben’s injury. Yes, we have copies. Oh and if you believe the media are here to tell you the truth perhaps you should have spent a little time longer at school. Until then my dear, keep silent until you have a clue.

  • lululangford

    So you have fought for your country Ron? Ask thousands of Indigenous who fought for their rights against the invasion and descendants of the very people you speak of – you can’t, most are dead. Your comments have little to do with someone who is disabled and too weak to undertake every day activity – and another who is the sole carer of her disabled husband, and 5 children. Being so stupid should be left to someone who thinks computer games are real life.

  • lululangford

    FYI. You obviously believe you deserve, above and beyond the family themselves, an explanation. I do not, but knowing even the devil himself should be given facts before he spreads lies, here you go. Oh and yes, it has just been tabled in parliament. You have not heard the last of this and hopefully you will feel suitably stupid when the penny drops, just as is happening already to many detractors.

    Just because the media are heavily funded by Murdoch and his pharma cronies does not mean the truth wont eventually be heard. You would do well to stop trusting your own ignorance so much. There is more – including documented proof but that is not for your eyes.

  • Mandy

    Oh the Channel Nine news report! Again, I ask why haven’t they followed this latest story up?

    And, no I won’t be feeling ‘suitably stupid’ if (or the highly doubtful ‘when’) this story is proved to be true as I, unlike you, am always keen to get to the truth of the matter. There is no stupidity in waiting to know the whole truth before judging a situation. Just ask the people who are scammed by Nigerian Princes!

    And that is the difference between you and I. You have a core – a hardcore – belief that vaccinations are bad and you will defend that belief no matter what kind of evidence to contrary is staring you in the face. I, on the other hand, am open and happy to hear anything contrary to what I think is true…if it leads me to the truth. My bullshit detector is clanging all over the place with this one and I just cannot fathom why anyone would buy this!

  • Mandy

    I don’t know why I get so compelled Lulu, I really, really don’t. I just hope that one day, the l light bulb of reason and logic will go off.

    But now, after reading your incoherent ravings that completely ignore the crux of the matter…believing in this ludicrous article…I realise you just cannot reason with the unreasonable.

    Buh bye! x

  • Mandy

    Er, I am just someone like you Lulu, sharing my thoughts in the comments section of a not very popular blog post.

    If you engaged your reason critical thought skills you will notice I have not attacked the family in any shape or form. On the contrary, I feel great empathy and sadness for what they are going through and have, in fact, made a donation.

    I think your relationship to the family and your industry credentials are highly doubtful. Actually, you know what? I’m just going to say I don’t believe you at all.

    And are you really suggesting we shouldn’t question the truth? Would you put your money where your mouth is on that? Following that logic you would be happy to EFT over $10,000 for a car you haven’t seen, let alone test driven because you don’t question the truth.

    And I don’t know why I am compelled to comment here. I really, really don’t. I
    guess I am just in a sensitive philosophical mood at the moment. But yeah…think I’m kinda done! As they say you can’t reason with the unreasonable.

    Peace out.

  • Mandy
  • Ron Roy

    I was referring as to how I, being of sound body, would have reacted, to the situation. As far as the Indigenous people ( Indians ) the were fragmented in what they wanted. Some didn’t mind our forefathers being here others did. During the Revolutionary War some tribes fought for the British others fought for the colonists. Historically Indian tribes fought among themselves. The Comanches almost decimated the Apaches etc. It wasn’t a bed of roses when our forefathers landed here. We are guilty however of violating every treaty we signed with them . In answer to your question no I didn’t fight for my country or as I see it now the military industrial complex but I wanted to. I tried to join the Army with a group of my friends but I didn’t pass the physical I had what they said was high insteps ( calcium deposits ) on both feet which would have made it impossible to wear combat boots so I was sent back home. The friends who did go to Vietnam later told me they would take over a piece of territory then were told to back off. They were not allowed to win. It was just a money making war.

  • david

    This is what they plan for us…a police state where they smash your door down if you refuse vaccines…refuse anything…

  • Ryan

    This is their plan after they take your guns, just like Australia. Once they no longer fear reprisal, you are the peasant class. Sorry, not sorry. I say this because I know how I would respond. You are either a sheep, a sheep dog, or the wolf.

  • Cin Hus

    One of many vaccines used to sterilize the population!

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