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CIA proxies in Syria will be targeted by Russia and allies – VIDEO


Russian air strikes in Syria against ISIS targets will be complemented by ground advances of Russian, Syrian, Iranian and Lebanese Hezbollah army.

Numerous members of Iranian ground forces already arrived in Syria and this number will only increase in the near future.

The plan is to return Idlib and Hama area, which were lost to Jaish al-Fatah and other Islamic terrorist forces.

According to reports of the US, CIA proxy groups were hit during Russian air strikes.

However, it is unknown whether Russia intentionally hit CIA-backed fighters in western Syria. If this is the case, Russia did this because they believe that the US is supporting rebels with necessary means – money, weapons and training.

According to John McCain, Russia has intentionally carried out strikes against groups funded and trained by the CIA.

There are many pieces of evidence provided by the corporate media that CIA is closely cooperating with ISIS and other jihadist groups. There is the information that ISIS leader bought weapons from the FSA, which was published by Al Jazeera.

The Washington Post reported that CIA provided help to rebels in order to capture the Quneitra border crossing with Israel; France 24 reported that a German journalist revealed that ISIS receives arms from the FSA.

Even though many pieces of evidence reveal that the US is closely cooperating with ISIS, their official statement is that the US is not engaged in the proxy war in Syria and that the only threat is ISIS, as well as Bashar al-Assad.

Nevertheless, Russia will continue to strike targets directly or indirectly supported by the US.

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