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China prepares for surprise total war with the United States of America

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Preparations in China for an all-out war with America are evident, as they have been, for some time, holding military drills on a large scale. Chinese officials state that the drills are part of a number of preparations for a „cruel and short “war. states that the exercises, which are being held in the area of China‘s East Sea, include displays of both the defensive and offensive capabilities of the Chines navy. This amassed to over 300 ships and a great number of troops acting as support and technicians for the navy.

The drills involved two teams, red and blue. The red team attacked the blue team, as the blue team tried to defend itself. The purpose of these exercises was, quoting a navy statement made on Monday, to hone „the assault intensity, precision, stability and speed of troops amid heavy electromagnetic influences”.

It further mentioned the importance of efficiency and preparation, as modern warfare “at sea is sudden, cruel and short, which requires a fast transition to combat status”. Because of this, the drills were very thorough and included reconnaissance, long range precision strikes as well as testing the defensive capabilities of the navy against long-range precision strikes and torpedoes.

These drills were called simple routines by the Chinese Defense Ministry and  stated that they were not in fact a preparation against any outside force. What is interesting to note is that these drills appeared right at the time of increased tensions in East Asia, namely, the fact that Beijing called The Hague’s ruling about territorial matter in South China Sea as a waste of paper.

One source said that „The People’s Liberation Army is ready. We should go in and give them a bloody nose like Deng Xiaoping did to Vietnam in 1979.” Indeed, China still uses the South China Sea as a source of income, as more than 5 trillion dollars in trade passes each year through this region. The tension is very evident.

Another drill has been announced for September. It will be practiced with Russia. Its purpose is to strengthen the relationship between China and Russia, said Yang Yujun, China’s defense ministry spokesman.

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