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China’s government might change one-child policy



In 1980, China has introduced its policy of one child per family. The purpose of this was to slow the growth of population.

Apparently, China’s government might change this policy into two children per one family. The reason behind this is that today China has a rapidly ageing population, imbalance in the sex ratio and lack of workers.

The new policy might be introduced by the end of the current year. Some even believe that this policy should have been ended a long time ago.

Even though there has been talk about this new policy, based on the statement of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the precise date hasn’t been determined yet.

It has been estimated that 440 million of the population will be older than 60 by the 2050. The National Bureau of Statistics reported that the working age population decreased by 3.71 million. Another problem represents the difference between the number of men and women because there are 33 million more men than women in China.

Women who gave birth to more than one child could be sterilized, while women with one child will have to use a contraceptive device called an intrauterine device.

However, those who lost their only child consider this new policy useless because now they are too old to have another child.



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