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China is about to start a war with the US, massive preparations underway


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China believes that national security of the country is seriously threatened. The situation is the South China Sea could escalate quickly.

The Chinese defense minister Chang Wanquan believes that the tension between current players in the South China Sea leads to a conflict. Therefore, it is necessary that the military, police and everyone else is aware of that fact that China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity must be protected.

In addition to this, Chang revealed that all this leads to a military conflict at sea as maritime security is in danger.

The people of China must know the situation and get ready for a “people’s war at sea,” Chang said.

Prior to his warning, China was engaged in a huge naval drill whose purpose was to prepare China for a possible war.

China and others all claim rights to islands in the South China Sea. China decided to militarize the disputed islands by building airstrips and military installations on it, which is frowned upon by others.

Apart from China, the US Navy is also present in the South China Sea. They have done so in order to protect the principles of freedom of navigation in international waters. They have also engaged in numerous military drills in the area.

China believes that the US is trying to push them over the edge by constantly provoking them with such drills and maneuvers. China strengthened installation on the islands with anti-ship missile and air-defense complexes.

China is absolutely certain that its 2.3 million-strong People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is capable of defending the country’s territorial integrity.

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