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China is about to enrich its treasury by 1,600 tons of gold


The East China Sea hides a great wealth deep in its dark waters. About 500 tons of gold were discovered beneath the seabed in the East China Sea.

This discovery was made by Chinese marine geologists. This discovery represents the largest gold deposit located in China. The project, which led to this discovery, was started three years ago.

Gold deposit was discovered 1.2 miles below sea level in the vicinity of Sanshan Island in east China’s Shandong province.

Media in China revealed that the value of the estimated 1,600 tons of gold is over $16.4 billion.

The estimated amount of gold could be even larger, so China has obviously had its lucky strike.

China wanted to include India in mutual mining projects to search the Southern Indian Ocean’s seabeds for precious metals, including gold and silver. This proposition was made this year in May.


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