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China and America will be destroyed by major earthquakes and huge tsunamis – VIDEO


America and Asia are in danger of a shattering earthquake. This upcoming earthquake is about to divide North and South America and murder 40 million people in America and Asia.

These predictions were made by Dr Mehran Keshe, who studied nuclear engineering at the University of London.

This prediction was made public just before people across America and Canada will engage in emergency drills and practice their response to a major quake.

It seems that this shattering mega quake could happen on Saturday, October 17.

According to other sources, it seems that a quake called the Big One could strike California within following 30 years. The strength of this quake is estimated to 6.5 magnitude or higher.

Dr Keshe is also in charge of the Keshe Foundation. Its purpose is to develop ways of creating transport, power, and health and nutritional facilities in space. This non-profit organization is based in the Netherlands.

Dr Keshe managed to turn electrically-charged plasma into never-ending supplies of energy in the form of liquid, solid or gas power. He believes that such system could solve problems such as energy, food and water shortages.

In his video, he presented every activity that happened in North and South America. He also mapped out the locations and magnitudes of a several earthquakes.

He even stated that 20 million people would be killed in the future earthquakes.

According to him, there will be a number of series of earthquakes in north China in coming months. Earthquakes will cause major tsunamis, which could wipe out Mexico and the Mexican Gulf.

Even though such earthquakes will cause major consequences, it will ultimately bring peace to the world.

In addition to these claims, earthquake predictor Frank Hoogerbeets also predicted a major earthquake that could happen any day now or even today.



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