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Chance to see 5 visible planets in solar system for first time in decade in just 3 days


Rare opportunity to observe 5 planets at the same time will happen in three days.

Last seen in January 2005, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury will be visible from Earth in a row along the horizon.

Visible planets are those that can be seen with the naked eye, as opposed to Uranus, Neptune and former planet Pluto, which require telescopes to be viewed.

Amateur astronomers will have until January to prepare their viewing spots as the astonishing sight will be visible between January 20 and February 20 this year.

According to Bruce McClure, of astronomy website EarthSky, which hopes as many people as possible will watch the phenomenon, the time to see it will be just before dawn over the month-long period.

“All five visible planets will appear above the horizon simultaneously in the predawn/dawn sky from about January 20 to February 20, 2016.

“Moreover, people around the globe can use the moon to help guide them to this showcase of planets from January 27 to February 6.

“These planets are visible in our sky because their disks reflect sunlight, and these relatively nearby worlds tend to shine with a steadier light than the distant, twinkling stars.”

In the meantime, the planets can be seen separately throughout the night most of the time.

Jupiter rises first, in the evening hours, followed by Mars after midnight and then Saturn, Venus and Mercury.


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