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CERN will conduct an experiment to establish a connection with the parallel universe


CERN is about to launch a new experiment in order to find out if a contact with a possible parallel universe can be established.

This experiment will be conducted by discharging the highest levels of energy through the Large Hadron Collider into the parallel universe.

Many people are concerned because of this experiment, as they believe that the high energy particle collider could cause the end of the universe.

The scientists managed to prove the existence of the God particle using the LHC. Scientists at CERN also want to prove the existence of the dark matter.

According to one of the scientists on this latest project, Mir Faizal, the parallel universes can exist in higher dimensions. Scientists think that parallel universes are additional universes and are a part of already existing dimensions. Therefore, the stream of energy out of the universe and into additional dimensions can be tested by the detection of mini black holes at the LHC.

Initially, the scientists want to test the existence of a gravity’s rainbow. If they manage to prove that mini black holes exist in calculated energy, then the theory of gravity’s rainbow and extra dimensions is plausible.

The energy produced by the LHC measures one trillion electron Volts. Scientists believe that black holes may form at energy levels of at least 9.5 TeV in six dimensions and 11.9 TeV in 10 dimensions.



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