Thursday , March 23 2017
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Case of spontaneous combustion of a woman in Germany


A case of spontaneous human combustion happened in Germany. A burning woman was discovered on a bench in one park in Flensburg.

Passersby discovered this woman and tried to extinguish the flames. Woman of Mauritius origin suffered  serious injuries even though people tried to help her.

Reports revealed that she is alive but in a critical condition. Her actual health condition has yet to be confirmed.

People who were present in the park during this unusual event reported that the woman did not make a sound while the flames were spreading all over her body.

According to prosecutor Ulrike Stahlmann-Liebelt, the victim has a family in Flensburg and has lived there for some time now.

Even though there is now evidence that someone else was involved in this incident, the police did not exclude the possibility of an attempted suicide.

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