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Elizabeth May proposed a way to deal with overpopulation – VIDEO


Elizabeth May is the leader of the Green Party in Canada. She expressed her opinion on world population by saying that it must be reduced.

Because the world population has been increasing at an exponential rate, members of the Green Party in Canada believe that something must be done in order to reduce it.

Elizabeth May proposed a two-child policy. However, Canadians protested against this decision, so it never became official. China is known for its one-child policy.

Nonetheless, she believes that two-child policy is not so notorious. She stated that the party which deals with global issues also must tackle the problem of a growing population. She advocates stabilization of global population in order to achieve global survival.

She is not the only one with this belief. Based on the report by the National Academy of Sciences, if one child policy is adopted globally, the population would be reduced to a number between 1-2 billion people.

In addition to this, fertility control is needed as an additional measure in order to assure small future population sizes.

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