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British Special Forces caught fighting on the side of rebel forces against the Russian army in Syria

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Evidence surfaced apparently showing British Special Forces fighting for ISIS soldiers in Syria.

The BBC published photos of troops located on the grounds of al-Tanf in Syria. This occurred shortly after a skirmish between the New Syrian army and ISIS.

The BBC reported that, according to eyewitnesses, these soldiers were acting as a defense, and yet, they carried heavy weaponry like heavy machine guns, anti-tank missiles and sniper rifles.

A spokesman for the New Syrian Army admitted to having help from their forces, but refused further commentary. He also admitted to receiving weapons and equipment, as well as training, from the Americans and the British.

The guardian wrote that this is the first time photographs of the British showed up, showing them operating inside Syria. They took part in combat, advisory operations and surveillance.

Thalab vehicles have been seen, which have been developed by a defense company in Jordan and the UK Company Jankel. They are heavily modified and militaries version of Toyota 4x4s.

They were seen in Al-Tanf, a place that acts as a border between Syria and Iraq that has long been under ISIS control.

The BBC further report that the British soldiers were securing a perimeter of a rebel base.

The New Syrian Army is backed by the West, a moderate terrorist organization that is supposed to be part of the Free Syrian Army. This moderate sign nomenclature means very little as another moderate terrorist organization beheaded a yound child weeks ago. This organization was actually vetted by the US state Department and even received two TOW missiles.

Two important group that operate in south Syria are ‘Forces of the Martyr Ahmad al-Abdo’ (Arabic: قوات الشهيد احمد العبده) and the ‘New Syrian Army’ (NSyA) (Arabic: جيش سوريا الجديد). There ties to America are not so clear, although rumors have sprung up indicating the possibility of the appearance of Jordanian special forces. King Abduhallah II of Jordan confirmed these rumors.

The appearance of NSyA happened on November 15th, 2015. Their first attack was on a bomb factory. They seem to be highly trained and professional, and do not allow any type of identification to show.

An interesting point to mention is when the aforementioned photos surfaced, at the same time-frame a US jet nearly crashed with a Russian aircraft above al-Tanf.

Ted Thornhill of the Daily Mail reports that: “The mid-air confrontation occurred between F/A-18 fighters scrambled by the Pentagon and several SU-34s, Moscow’s most advanced bombers” and that “the Russian jets had struck a 200-strong garrison of Syrian rebels fighting the Islamic State in At-Tanf, near the Jordanian border.”

While the Russian did not deny the raid, it did deny that it targeted terrorists that were backed by the US. They claimed they were not informed of the location of the terrorists that were controlled by ”legitimate opposition forces”

What is quite clear is that it can be said that both the US and the UK have violated Syria’s sovereignty and are trying to destroy the government of Bashar al-Assad.

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