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Boy of 13 years gets jail sentence for burping in classroom


In Albuquerque, New Mexico, boy of 13 years is arrested and locked up for burping during a class in his school.

While parents and the media were naturally outraged, the court of appeals claimed that the officers and staff were immune from any kind of lawsuit.

The incident occurred in May of 2011. Deciding that the child was interfering with the education of his peers for burping incessantly, the school called the police who searched, handcuffed and arrested the seventh grader.

The 13-year-old boy spent an hour waiting in the juvenile detention center before his mother was informed that he had been arrested. The mother subsequently, of course, filed a lawsuit, claiming that her son’s arrest was illegal, used excessive force and was, quite simply, insane.

Instead of disciplining him the regular way, i.e. by means of after-school detention, extra homework or a stern talk with his parents, the school decided to throw him into jail. Perhaps being a class clown is annoying, but it definitely should not be illegal.

The incident occurred during gym class. The boy burped incessantly and amused his classmates. When the teacher noticed him disrupting his lesson, he sent the boy to the hallway, where he continued burping.

The officer that was assigned to the school was called to the hallway where the seventh grader sat. He was first lead to the school administrative office and then later to the juvenile detention center. He was also suspended for the duration of the year.

The child was also searched for marijuana, as the principal suspected he was involved with dealing. The official didn’t find anything illegal on the child.

This lead to another suit in which the mother of the child argued that the strip search was illegal. The court overruled her opinion, claiming that it did not „violate the boy’s constitutional rights“.

Who knows what kind of damage this ordeal has done to this young boy. He was thrown in jail, handcuffed and strip-searched for making juvenile jokes.

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