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Euthanasia machine will be revealed to the public during a TV show


People will have the opportunity to try the euthanasia machine during the Edinburgh Fringe show. Philip Nitschke invented such machine and used it to euthanize four terminally ill people in the 1990s.

The first machine, which is called Deliverance, used intravenous drugs and this new updated version uses gas. This machine is called Destiny euthanasia machine. Special skills are not required to use this machine.

Lethal gas consists of 9% carbon monoxide and 91% nitrogen and it is administered through a face mask, or nasal prongs. During the show, volunteers will receive 100% nitrogen.

Dr Nitschke explains that the use of Destiny is legal because the assistance is not required and gas used is not regulated. He considers this method peaceful and effective.

Today, Deliverance machine can be seen in the British Science Museum. However, it was used in four cases of euthanasia in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Dr Nitschke added that this new machine is suitable for the use by disabled people.
Tony Nicklinson was one of the right-to-die campaigners who ordered a custom-made machine Destiny, as he was suffering from locked-in syndrome. After he passed away, his widow pursued the fight for a right-to-die ruling at the European Court of Human Rights, but lost the case.

Dr Nitschke believes that people will be interested in Destiny once the details about this machine become public.
Authorities in Australia took legal action against him due to the allegations that he gave instructions to a depressed man on how to commit suicide. However, he retrieved his license after winning the appeal.

The Destiny euthanasia machine will ask a person three questions and based on the answers, the lethal gas will be administered. The first question is about whether a person is aware that after answering these questions they will be given a lethal gas. The second question checks if a person understood that if they proceed with yes they will die. And the final question is actually a statement which informs the person that in 15 seconds they will be given lethal gas.

Press Yes only if you are sure you wish to die.


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