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Asteroid impact as a possibility


An enormous asteroid, with one mile in its width, had been spotted. As the Express reported, it passed next to our planet on the distance of 3 million kilometers, which was, astronomically speaking, too close.

A celestial body of this size, passing by on that distance, can easily cause a world-wide hysteria.

An impact with an object like this could cause terrible large-scale destruction and could start natural disasters. Its size is multiple times the size of celestial bodies that are at this moment close to our planet. Comparing to the huge asteroid 2014-YB35, that was noticed near the Earth earlier this year, this asteroid is twice as big as 2014-YB35.

So, it is absolutely understandable to be afraid of possible collision, which would cause an explosion strong enough to kill 1.5 billion people.

The close encounter between the Earth and this scary asteroid 1999 FN53, which is an eighth of the size of Mount Everest, happened last Thursday. Luckily, the impact did not happen.

However, scientists warn that this scenario will be absolutely possible in the future.

At this moment, we can only be grateful because 1999 FN53 missed us, otherwise, the consequences could have been disastrous. Explosions, fire, earthquakes, tsunamis, climate changes, millions of dead – this is just a brief description of the circumstances in the case of a collision between our planet and a monstrous asteroid.

It is suspected that 1200 years of the Younger Dryas may have been the consequence of an impact similar to the one described above.

If, at some point, a collision like this really happens, is there anything we could do? Well, a project from 1950s, named The Manhattan Project, resulted in creating a space ship design. The purpose of this kind of ships, similar to those we see in science fiction movies, would be to push a dangerous object into a different orbit.

Maybe this is not a bad plan, but let’s just hope that our planet will keep the safe course.


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