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War between US and Russia could start in Ukraine


If there is a possibility of war between NATO and Russia, the Donbas region of Ukraine will be the starting point.

It seems that situation is escalating in this region after 7 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and 40 were wounded last week.

Ukrainian MP Dmytro Lubinets blames Russia for starting tensions in Ukraine and accused it of using the ceasefire to capture 28 towns and villages in a 250 square kilometer wide area.

Other parties are also preparing for escalated conflicts. British Special Forces are already in Kiev and British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said that the number of British military units in Kiev will be doubled.

Also, the US will help prepare regular Ukrainian military forces for any kind of conflict that might arise.

The House of Representatives wants Obama to increase US military presence and number of lethal defensive arms in Ukraine.


In this report, the Atlantic Council and the Brookings Institute stated that Russia has to be stopped of any renewed major offensive.

All that is currently happening in Ukraine and the increased number of British and American soldiers who are sent there to help prepare Ukrainian soldiers, points to the fact that a world war between two nuclear superpowers is quite possible.

Even though both superpowers claim that these operations are against hypothetical opponents, NATO and Russia are getting ready for a possible confrontation.

Both NATO and Russia held military exercises which were not announced previously. NATO held one in June, while Russia held one in March.

There is a possibility that further confrontations in Ukraine may develop into a larger world war.


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