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Mass animal deaths in Kazahstan


Mass animal deaths occurred in central Kazakhstan. This massive animal die-off started in May.

Geoecologist Steffen Zuther came to central Kazakhstan in order to monitor a critically endangered, steppe-dwelling saiga antelope. On their arrival, they observed dead animals on the ground.

The entire herd of 60,000 saigas died within four days. Even though the veterinarians and conservationists gave their best effort to stop the die-off, the mass dying of similar population ended in June.

It has been estimated that the number of 257,000, which represents more than half of the country’s herd, died off. It seems that bacteria are responsible for this. According to Zuther, they still have to discover how generally harmless microbes managed to kill those animals at such a rapid rate.

This is just one of 629 mass animal die-off events, which happened this year in 85 different countries.


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